Company history

Year 2000
Company was established in 2000 as a purely distribution company. It started to perform business activities in rented warehouses in Zaječí. At the beginning, it focused on wholesale with products of personal hygiene while in the next years, it commissioned four manufacturing lines for the production of toilet paper and Kitchen towels.

Year 2005
After the fire in 2005 that has destroyed rented premises completely, including manufacturing lines, company moved to Pohořelice and continued here in wholesale activity.

Year 2008
At the end of 2008, company purchased lands of a 3-hectare area for the purpose of building its own warehouses in Žabčice. A year later, the construction of first warehouse as well as of headquarters was completed.

Year 2010
In 2010, new manufacturing hall was approved and in May 2011, it was equipped by an automatic line for the production of toilet paper and kitchen towels.

Year 2016
In 2016, additional structure for warehouses was initiated, covering the area of around 50,000 m2.

In 2016 – 2018, company focused on a strategic development in the area of investment development and increase of production potential. For 2019 and following years, the attention will be focused, in particular, to business activities, acquisition of new customers in the Czech Republic as well as on wider expansion to foreign markets.

Year 2017
In October 2017, testing operation was approved. Products and goods of company started to be stored in new premises. At the same time, company could leave the rented storage premises in Nové Bránice, thus decreasing logistic and rent expenditures.

Year 2018
In 2018, company invested massively and ended another important phase of its development in this area. New storage hall for input raw materials for production (jumbo discs), stored in the second section of manufacturing hall by now, was constructed. By the release of this part of manufacturing hall, space for the installation of new manufacturing line was made, commissioned at the end of 2018 into testing operation. By this strategic investment, company doubled its production capacities and it expects significant increase in manufacturing efficiency by the use of synergy effects of operation of both lines.

Thanks to its properly registered brands BIG SOFT and FINE&SOFT, MORACELL s.r.o. became well-known for wide public. Company belongs to the top producers of products stated above in the Czech Republic.