Production and trade


In 2018, we experienced an enormous increase in the prices of cellulose, resulting in an increase of prices of the basic input raw material for production of about 10%. Another adverse impact on production prices was the situation on labour market where we were, as well as majority of manufacturing companies, forced to increase the wage level, in particular in job positions in production.

Due to fulfilled production capacities, company focused on orders with an added value in 2018 that could cover extremely high price of manufacturing costs.

An important part of achieved turnover consists of products and goods of seasonal nature with a topic of specific season drawn there. This marketing strategy and innovation proved to be very successful with a higher added value. Thus, in these days, we’re able to offer products with motives of seasons and holidays, like Christmas and Easter, to our customers.


In 2018, company achieved a business turnover of CZK 650 million.

In 2018, the most important customers on domestic market remained the international business chains and “independent” wholesale chains. From the perspective of export and distribution of our products, the most important countries were the following – Slovakia, Netherlands, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Austria.

An important decision with the manufacturing procedure was the shift to processing of jumbo discs with a narrower universal width. Thus, the number of suppliers could be extended and competitive environment for input optimisation could be utilized as well as the entire price decrease for main raw materials. 

In 2018, 10.6 thousand tonnes of own products were produced, incl. 8.2 thousand tonnes of toilet papers and 2.4 thousand tonnes of kitchen towels. 12.5 thousand tonnes of “paper” products were sold.

Moracell manufacturing program


  • Currently, MORACELL s.r.o. is the top producer of paper hygiene in the Czech Republic.
  • Portfolio of our products is very wide and includes practically full assortment of paper hygiene, toilet papers, kitchen towels, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, facial tissue etc.
  • Major part of our production is focused on toilet papers and kitchen towels for our business partners.
  • Paper hygiene products, produced by us, are made of a high-quality 100% cellulose.
  • In January of this year, we have launched already second, state-of-art hi-tech line for the production of toilet papers and Kitchen towels    
  • Production capacity of MORACELL is around 20 thousand pallets/month.
  • We have a storage capacity of ca 20 thousand pallets. We have also a separate warehouse for jumbo discs.
  • We’re holders of number of certifications, as e.g. – BRC, PEFC, FSC, ISO, etc.¨)
  • Majority of our production, ca 75 – 80%, is executed in the Czech Republic.
  • We are a company focused on exports of our products. Currently, we export our goods into around 10 countries of Europe.