Diapers BBS Standard

Baby diapers BABY BABY SOFT are produced in Slovak republic on one of the most inovative manufacturing technologies of recent production trends in Europe. Materials used for production have the highest quality, are regularly tested and harmless, without any parfumes. Raw materials are environmentally friendly and does not contain latex. The diapers contain cellulose originating from “sustainable forestry”. BABY DIAPERS have extra absorbent 3D core with increased absorbency capacity for dryness and soft cover for baby’s comfort and safety. Anatomically shaped breathable side bars allow free movement while preventing fluid leakage during baby’s physical activities and provide maximum motion range and safety. High requirements for comfort and quality of baby diapers are ensured, also during sleep, by elastic side bars in the Premium line, or inelastic, but strong enough when fixed, in Standard line. Both lines have a practical velcro keeping the diaper in the right place day&night, which enables a possibility to fix the dieaper multiple times.