Employees and employment relationships

In 2018, employment relationships in company followed the provisions of act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code and related acts. Occupational health and safety is secured in accordance with the national OHS policy.

The main objective of HR policy were the activities focused on searching for new co-workers, in particular for the production. With regard to the purchase of new manufacturing line, a reorganisation of shift operation was made. Currently, a system of three shifts is applied in the company. In this model, work is performed without weekend shifts. Furthermore, new training procedure is implemented, bringing faster acquisition of knowledge and skills of new employees. Company employees are allowed to build their career and improve their professional skills and knowledge. Company provides wide benefit program for all of its employees as well, including:

  • Meal vouchers CZK 90.00/day, fully paid by employer
  •  Semi-annual/Christmas remunerations.
  • Flexi pass of CZK 200 a month.
  •  Remunerations when a life jubilee is achieved.
  •  Trainings and education – professional, development, computer, language.
  •  Sick days – 3 free days.
  • Contribution for additional pension insurance CZK 500/month.
  • Purchase of company products for advantageous prices.
  • Marriage benefit of CZK 5,000.00.