Velvet Camomile & Aloe Eco Roll

Velvet ecoRoll toilet paper is the most environmentally friendly product on our market. In each of the four rolls, there is an identical number of sheets comparable with the number of sheets in the standard package of 8 rolls.

 The smaller size of the product guarantees significant savings in packaging material, reduced emissions due to better pallet filling and thus a reduction in the number of trucks needed for transport. 

Velvet ecoRoll saves storage space at home. 

The Camomile & aloe variant is perfumed with the delicate scent of chamomile

Velvet toilet paper is PEFC certified


  • Velvet eco ROLL toilet paper packaging contains 28% less plastic.
  • Due to the higher number of Velvet eco ROLL product packages on the pallet, we are reducing the number of cars needed for transport. This reduces emissions by 36% 
  • Velvet eco Roll are 4 maxi rolls with only 4 cores, thanks to which waste is reduced by 43%
  • Soft, strong sheets 
  • Composition: 100% cellulose

With dry Velvet bath tissue and Velvet moist toilet paper, you will experience exceptional cleanliness, freshness and comfort every day. Try the Velvet duo. 

Number of plies 3
Number of sheets 300
Number of rolls in packaging 4
Type of perfume Camomile
EAN 5901478007803
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