Velvet Jumbo DUO

Velvet Jumbo Duo paper towel is a multifunctional product. It is soft, strong, practical and irreplaceable in everyday hygiene. Jumbo Duo paper towels will appeal to those consumers who prefer packaging in two rolls and still want to take advantage of the extra long roll. Due to their size, they take up less space, so they fit into any kitchen and, thanks to their absorption, they do well during any cleaning. They absorb water fantastically and do not tear during use. Two practical GIGA rolls are enough for a long time. You can hide one of them in a locker for later or use it in another room. It is always worth having them on hand.


  •  Ecological, produced with respect for the environment
  •  Soft, strong, extra absorbent sheets
  •  Also suitable for wet clean
  •  Composition: 100% cellulose 
Number of plies 2
Number of sheets 240
Number of rolls in packaging 2
EAN 5901478007858
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